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Transform Foam Triangle Breast Forms TF801-RT

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Transform Breast Forms and Crossdressing Products
  • Style: TF801-RT
  • Item: Transform Foam Triangle Breast Forms
  • Colors: Creamy Flesh Tone
  • Sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.(Each breast form is sized by number (i.e. #8.) This number reflects what size cup the form is and the approximate bra band size it will accommodate. Use the size chart when ordering.)
  • Description: Soft, lightweight symmetrical foam forms fill out any bra. Great for those who have never worn silicone forms or for when shaping is needed but not the weight. Great for dancing and physical activity. This triangle style is easy to fit and is interchangeable on either side.
  • Comes with all factory tags. 1st quality.
  • Another excellent value from Lingerie Mart.
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