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XOXO Paddle in Black SS-100636-RT

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Lux Fetish Bedroom Adventure Toys
  • Style: SS-100636-RT
  • Item: XOXO Paddle in Black
  • Colors: As shown 
  • Sizes: One Size 
  • Description: From top name maker Sportsheet. Firm, easily maneuverable and perfectly weighted, the XOXO paddle is a fun little addition to any playful bondage collection. Delivering light teasing smacks as well as firmer, stinging slaps, the perfect X's and O's cutout may just leave its mark. The core of the Crop is a firm, hardy ABS plastic with just enough flexibility, it's covered at tip and base with sexy leather-look vinyl fabric. Nickel free.
  • Comes with all manufacturer tags. 1st quality. Brand new. Direct from factory.
  • Another excellent value from Lingerie Mart.
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