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Shots Toys Ouch! LOVE Blindfold SHOTS-504913-RT

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Shots Sex Toys
  • Style: SHOTS-504913-RT
  • Item: Shots Toys Ouch! LOVE Blindfold SHOTS-504913-RT
  • Size: * The Ouch! LOVE Blindfold fits up to approximately 9.5" (24cm) of head diameter.
  • Description: Prepare to be plunged (or prepare to plunge a partner!) deep into sexy darkness with a soft red and black Blindfold rocking an adorable LOVE cutout print.
  • Totally traditional in form and function, the Blindfold features a comfy contoured shape meant to fit securely over the eyes. You might know that when one sense is taken away, the others heighten - imagine what those extra keen senses of taste, touch, sound and smell could do for playtime!
  • Of course, the partner wearing the mask wont be able to see the LOVE on the front of the Blindfold, but an unmasked mate will be able to admire the bright red faux leather peeking through the cutout lettering. The opposite side is nice and soft. 
  • Slipping securely over the back of the head, the Blindfold secures into place courtesy of a stretchy elastic strap. The bonded faux leather can be spot-cleaned as needed.
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  • 1st Quality - Brand New
  • Another excellent value from Lingerie Mart.
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