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Rubber Tickler in Black SS-730017-RT

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Lux Fetish Bedroom Adventure Toys
  • Style: SS-730017-RT
  • Item: Rubber Tickler in Black
  • Colors: As shown 
  • Sizes: One Size 
  • Description: From top name maker Sportsheet. A swishy whip with an impressive reach and tons of soft, teasing tails, the Rubber Tickler is an effortless way to up the playtime pleasure factor. Perfect for lighter bdsm scenarios that focus more on teasing and sensory play, the Tickler can be dragged along the skin for a rush of excitement, or flicked a little harder for a bit of thrilling sting. The handle is nice and firm for precision maneuvers, and the longer length (22 inches) offers lots of room to play.
  • Comes with all manufacturer tags. 1st quality. Brand new. Direct from factory.
  • Another excellent value from Lingerie Mart.
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