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Lux Fetish Unisex Blindfold Black OS LF1325-RT

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Lux Fetish Bedroom Adventure Toys
  • Style: LF1325-RT
  • Item: Lux Fetish Unisex Bondage Blindfold LF1325-RT
  • Colors: Black
  • Black velvet material
  • Perfect for bondage, sensory play
  • Unisex design
  • Beginners-friendly
  • Perfect for couples play
  • Description: Enhance your couples' play with this Unisex Bondage Blindfold for sensory play. Place it over a partner's eyes as its velvety soft, padded feel prevents them from seeing what thrills are coming next. The adjustable blindfold fits all users, allowing both partners to experience the stimulation of their senses through touch, smell, taste, and sound. This blindfold is a must-have for couples that want to spice up their intimacy with exciting new ways to play. Users of all levels can enjoy the excitement that this blindfold provides. This essential accessory for experimenting with sensory play can be used to explore the rest of the senses beyond sight and enhance their pleasure by tapping into these often-disregarded ways to stimulate one another. This blindfold is fully adjustable to fit all users and its velvety feel ensures that it will feel soft and comfortable as it rests on your face. Explore sensory play using the blindfold to cover your partner's eyes while you use different forms of touch like tickling and teasing on his hot spots. Use arm body-safe candle wax to indulge in its warm feeling against the skin, or an ice cube to stimulate the feeling of cold.
  • Comes with all tags.
  • 1st quality.
  • Another excellent value from Lingerie Mart.
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