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Heart Beat Crop SS-770181-RT

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Lux Fetish Bedroom Adventure Toys
  • Style: SS-770181-RT
  • Item: Heart Beat Crop
  • Colors: As shown 
  • Sizes: One Size 
  • Description: From top name maker Sportsheet. A truly beautiful, playfully designed spank tool from Sex & Mischief, the lovely gem-embellished Heart Beat Crop teases, taps and smacks with perfect precision. Manageably lengthy and extremely lightweight, the Heart Beat's namesake tip offers two possible spank surfaces- the laced side provides just a touch of cushioning thanks to its corset-style ribbons while the smooth side lands with stinging authority.  Approximately 14.75 inches (37.5cm) long. PU fabric, ABS plastic, polyester, vinyl, nickle free hardware, cubic zirconia. Spot clean.
  • Comes with all manufacturer tags. 1st quality. Brand new. Direct from factory.
  • Another excellent value from Lingerie Mart.
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