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“Bliss” Adjustable French Sexual Positional Enhancer KEEL0003-RT

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Electric Lingerie
  • Style: KEEL0003-RT
  • Item: “Bliss” Adjustable French Sexual Positional Enhancer
  • Colors: Black/Pink
  • Sizes: Adjustable between 49 and 60cm of thigh circumference.
  • Description: Direct from the Soft Paris company in Paris, France. This is a very high quality sexual positional enhancer originally sold and marketed throughout all of France and Europe. Made for world famous company - Soft Paris. “Bliss” (Beatitude in French) gives a new dimension to the position of the missionary! Keeping his legs raised, spread, stretched or folded for a long time, without getting tired, cramps or abs in steel, Bliss helps to find a comfortable position that increases the intensity and depth of penetration. Put your feet, ankles, calves or thighs in the straps, Madam, and slip the padded medium of Bliss behind your neck. Love, not sport!
  • Properties: Adjustable. Bordered with pale pink satin and delicate black lace. Inside cuffs lined with black velvet fabrication for absolute luxury and comfort. Adjustable between 49 and 60cm of thigh circumference.
  • Officially licensed
  • Material: Nylon
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Imported
  • Comes with all tags in colorful and sexy black mesh drawstring bag with Soft Paris tag.
  • 1st quality direct from factory.
  • Another excellent value from Lingerie Mart.
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